Libby Redman




'You must listen to her'
'An incredibly talented singer and songwriter...didn't know somebody 
from York could have so much soul!'
Joe Johnson- Shed Seven

 'Where Love Begins is a polished and varied album that brilliantly highlights Redman's impressive vocal range and musical prowess.'

'Libby Redman's Where Love Begins is a musical gift...Her vocals are both passionate and inspirational.'
MRU (Music Review Unsigned)


'This Yorkshire Lass performs from a place that everyone can relate to. She writes, she sings, she composes, produces and I hear the blend of influences from across the Gospel frontier.'
Steve Alexander Smith- British Black Gospel 

'Libby Redman is one of those unique singer-songwriters that stand out from the rest. Her sound is fresh, current and soulful. I totally commend her to you.'
Barry Woodward - Proclaim Trust

©2013 Libby Redman